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Save the Poudre
Save the Poudre

Voice Your Opinion

We need to raise awareness through a variety of media. Here we target the printed word.

You will see below that there is considerable overlap between each newspaper and the communities they are likely to cover. We need to hit both the big papers and the small ones. Plan your letter with one or more entities in mind, but email only one newspaper at a time, copying no one else at the same time.

Keep your letters short, less than 200-300 words; simpler, down-to-earth letters are more likely to be printed and read. Find a hook -- try to catch the reader's eye with the first paragraph. For sample points you may wish to make, see the bottom of this page. Be specific and use facts; provide a recommendation. Personalize your letter by explaining how this project affects you and your family. Always include your name, mailing address, and daytime phone number, and be courteous to the editor. Finally, proofread, checking for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors; then proofread it again!

Remember, many readers of these newspapers will have absolutely no idea what NISP and Glade refer to, much less that their town councils or water district boards plan to obligate ratepayer money, burdening the town’s infrastructure with extremely rapid growth to pay for the project. You must explain the situation first, and then voice your opinion. Adding a note to see www.SaveThePoudre.Org (not .Com) is always advisable.

If you would like to help with a more targeted outreach campaign including other media outlets, or if you have other contacts you think would be good to add to this list, please let us know at Count-me-in@SaveThePoudre.Org. Thanks!

Opinion Outlet Entities Covered Contact
Berthoud Recorder Berthoud
Berthoud Weekly Surveyor Berthoud
Daily Camera Erie; Lafayette; Left Hand Water District
Denver Post All
Erie Review Erie
Fort Collins Coloradoan Fort Collins-Loveland Water District; Windsor
Fort Collins Forum Fort Collins-Loveland Water District
Fort Lupton Press Brighton; Erie; Fort Lupton
Fort Morgan Times Fort Morgan; Morgan County Quality Water District
Fossil Creek Current Fort Collins Loveland Water District
Greeley Tribune Central Weld County Water District; Eaton; Evans; Fort Lupton; Severance
Lafayette News Lafayette
North Forty News Waverly
North Weld Herald Eaton
Reporter Herald Berthoud; Fort Collins-Loveland Water District; Windsor
The Northern Colorado Business Report All
The Yellow Scene Erie
Valley Courier Left Hand Water District
Windsor Beacon Severance; Windsor
Windsor Tribune Severance; Windsor

Points You May Choose To Make

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.

Think carefully about the (few) points you wish to make. Please refer to our list of top reasons to oppose this damaging project.

Save the Poudre
Save the Poudre
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