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Top 10 Accomplishments

Working on your behalf and with your help, here are ten things we have accomplished for the Poudre River during the past 12 months —

1. STP keeps the news alive. Save The Poudre regularly inform news media and influential decision makers regarding the (lack of) progress of the Northern Integrated Supply Project's (NISP) permit application with the Corps of Engineers. We stay abreast of the issues to counter misinformation spread by some NISP supporters, have given presentations to groups such as the State Legislature's Water Committee, and written many press releases and soapboxes. Most of the news so garnered may be found on our news page.

2. STP has intervened along with many regional and state-wide environmental organizations to comment on other destructive water projects such as Windy Gap, the Million Pipeline, and the Moffat Water Diversion Project. (Please refer to our Correspondence page to learn more.) We will not sacrifice other Colorado rivers to Save The Poudre!

3. STP engages with partners. Save The Poudre is fortunate to have a multitude of like-minded organizations around the state all working more or less on river protection and restoration. We help support each other when multiple voices are needed, when talents must be shared, and when missions overlap. For example, we were pleased to work with Western Resource Advocates as they created their timely and influential “A Better Future for the Poudre River” report.

4. STP conducts research. Preferring data to dogma, we continue to expand scientific information about the Poudre River’s ecological and economic role in Northern Colorado. We have sponsored scientific and socio-economic studies that will play a critical role in defining healthy rivers as the centerpiece of our regional economy and protect the Poudre River for future generations. Most recently, we have submitted a detailed report to the Corps of Engineers regarding the likely impacts that NISP would have to the wetlands and riparian communities along the Poudre all the way to the South Platte River.

5. STP engages NISP subscribers. A top priority is communicating with the NISP subscriber communities. We, and some of our partners, have made presentations to them, written letters countering misinformation, and sent them our Healthy Rivers Alternative and updates to same. This communication process has proven challenging, but there are a few positive signs and we will keep this up as long as it takes.


6. STP continues to engage with a variety of river restoration efforts. We have had many productive meetings and engage in dialogue with the City of Fort Collins, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and others to develop ideas and pursue opportunities to restore the river, especially in and near Fort Collins. Some of those projects include dam removal or retrofitting, whitewater or play-park development, smoothing of erratic river flows, appropriate river signage, and similar projects. This engagement has been, for the most part, extremely productive.

7. STP promotes holistic river protection. Though our initial focus was on the destructive NISP project and the mainstem of the Poudre, it has become obvious that protecting the river's floodplains and tributaries are equally important for river protection and long run restoration. Thus, we have broadened our vigilance and regularly weigh in on riverside development and encroachment. We also have supported other ongoing efforts, such as the fire restoration efforts that are underway.

8. STP hosts river cleanup. STP joined several other local organizations to annually remove trash from the Poudre River through Fort Collins. Volunteers gathered substantial debris from the river and all along the banks. Events such as these are posted on our Events Calendar.

9. STP promotes river flow restoration. We have been instrumental in generating considerable interest in restoring flows in the Poudre River through Fort Collins. A planning process just getting underway has a long way to go, but shows a lot of promise to add water when it is needed for ecological, water quality, commercial, recreational and aesthetic purposes.

10. Surprises lay ahead. There are always a few items we are working on that are not ready for prime time. Keep your eyes peeled for interesting developments.

All this and yet we have more to do. We are a grassroots, local, poor, underdog effort and we need your support now more than ever. Please contribute to our effort so that we can fund a number of unfunded projects all targeted to Save The Poudre!
Save the Poudre
Save the Poudre
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