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The Cache la Poudre River is in Trouble
and Needs Your Help!

Numerous threats endanger the Cache la Poudre River, most importantly the proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP). This huge water storage project and its two proposed reservoirs (Glade and Galeton) will drain ever more water from this already endangered river. This project is not a sustainable solution to Colorado's growing water problems and better alternatives are available.

Save the Poudre is determined to stop the NISP project. But more importantly, our ultimate goal is to restore the Cache la Poudre River to a healthy and vibrant condition. We just completed an extensive review and analysis of the NISP Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS). We found the document to be incomplete, using incorrect methodologies, and failing to support its conclusions with data. Read our comments and those of other reviewers (City of Fort Collins, Environmental Protection Agency, Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment, and City of Greeley) HERE.

The Army Corps of Engineers will review the comments before they prepare a Final EIS. However, the current SDEIS did not include the complete Water Quality Analysis. We don’t know when this important analysis will be completed and released, but will post it on this website when it comes out.

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